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Of late I have sometimes felt a stop in the appointment of meetings, notwholly but in part: and I do not feel liberty to appoint them so quickly, oneafter another, as I have done heretofore. The work of the ministry being a workof divine love, I feel that the openings thereof are to be waited for in allour appointments. Oh, how deep is divine wisdom! Christ puts forth Hisministers and goeth before them; and oh, how great is the danger of departingfrom the pure feeling of that which leadeth safely! Christ knoweth the state ofthe people, and in the pure feeling of the gospel ministry their states areopened to His servants. Christ knoweth when the fruit-bearing branchesthemselves have need of purging. Oh that these lessons may be remembered by me! The empires and kingdoms of the earth are subject to His almighty power. Heis the God of the spirits of all flesh, and deals with His people agreeably tothat wisdom, the depth whereof is to us unsearchable. We in these provinces maysay, He hath, as a gracious and tender parent, dealt bountifully with us, evenfrom the days of our fathers. It was He who strengthened them to labour throughthe difficulties attending the improvement of a wilderness, and made way forthem in the hearts of the natives, so that by them they were comforted in timesof want and distress. It was by the gracious influences of His Holy Spirit thatthey were disposed to work righteousness, and walk uprightly towards each otherand towards the natives; in life and conversation to manifest the excellency ofthe principles and doctrines of the Christian religion, whereby they retaintheir esteem and friendship. Whilst they were labouring for the necessaries oflife, many of them were fervently engaged to promote pity and virtue in theearth, and to educate their children in the fear of the Lord. I have felt great distress of mind since I came on this island, on accountof the members of our Society being mixed with the world in various sorts oftraffic, carried on in impure channels. Great is the trade to Africa forslaves; and for the loading of these ships a great number of people areemployed in their factories, among whom are many of our Society. Friends inearly times refused on a religious principle to make or trade in superfluities,of which we have many testimonies on record; but for want of faithfulness,some, whose examples were of note in our Society, gave way, from which otherstook more liberty. Members of our Society worked in superfluities, and boughtand sold them, and thus dimness of sight came over many; at length Friends gotinto the use of some superfluities in dress and in the furniture of theirhouses, which hath spread from less to more, till superfluity of some kinds iscommon among us. We were much hindered by the trees which had fallen across our path, and insome swamps our way was so stopped that we got through with extreme difficulty. In the course of a few weeks it pleased the Lord to visit me with a pleurisy;and after I had lain a few days and felt the disorder very grievous, I wasthoughtful how might it end. I had of late, through various exercises, beenmuch weaned from the pleasant things of this life; and I now thought, if itwere the Lord's will to put an end to my labours and graciously to receive meinto the arms of His mercy, death would be acceptable to me; but if it were Hiswill further to refine me under affliction, and to make me in any degree usefulin His Church, I desired not to die. I may with thankfulness say that in thiscase, I felt resignedness wrought in me, and had no inclination to send for adoctor, believing, if it were the Lord's will through outward means to raise meup, some sympathizing Friends would be sent to minister to me; whichaccordingly was the case. But though I was carefully attended, yet the disorderwas at times so heavy that I had no expectation of recovery. One night in particular my bodily distress was great; my feet grew cold, and the coldincreased up my legs towards my body; at that time I had no inclination to askmy nurse to apply anything warm to my feet, expecting my end was near. After Ihad lain near ten hours in this condition, I closed my eyes, thinking whether Imight now be delivered out of the body; but in these awful moments my mind waslivingly opened to behold the Church; and strong engagements were begotten inme for the everlasting well-being of my fellow-creatures. I felt in the springof pure love that I might remain some time longer in the body, to fill upaccording to my measure that which remains of the afflictions of Christ, and tolabour for the good of the Church; after which I requested my nurse to applywarmth to my feet and I revived. The next night, feeling a weighty exercise ofspirit and having a solid Friend sitting up with me, I requested him to writewhat I said, which he did as follows: -Fourth day of the First Month, 1770, about five in the morning. -- "I haveseen in the Light of the Lord that the day is approaching when the man that ismost wise in human policy shall be the greatest fool; and the arm that ismighty to support injustice shall be broken to pieces; the enemies ofrighteousness shall make a terrible rattle, and shall mightily torment oneanother; for He that is omnipotent is rising up to judgment, and will plead thecause of the oppressed; and He commanded me to open the vision."Near a week after this, feeling my mind livingly opened, I sent for aneighbour, who, at my request, wrote as follows: -"The place of prayer is a precious habitation; for I now saw that the prayersof the saints were precious incense; and a trumpet was given to me that I mightsound forth this language; that the children might hear it and be invitedtogether to this precious habitation, where the prayers of the saints, as sweetincense, arise before the throne of God and the Lamb. I saw this habitation tobe safe, -- to be inwardly quiet when there were great stirrings and commotionsin the world. � 加勒比在线东京热在线,亚洲阿v大香蕉2017天堂,玉米影视,大香蕉好好操 � I was for a time as one who knew not what to do, and was tossed as in atempest; under which affliction the doctrine of Christ, "Take no thought forthe morrow," arose livingly before me, and I was favoured to get into a gooddegree of stillness. Having been near two days in town, I believed my obedienceto my Heavenly Father consisted in returning homeward; I therefore went overamong Friends on the Jersey shore and tarried till the morning on which thevessel was appointed to sail. As I lay in bed the latter part of that night mymind was comforted, and I felt what I esteemed a fresh confirmation that it wasthe Lord's will that I should pass through some further exercises near home; soI went thither, and still felt like a sojourner with my family. In the freshspring of pure love, I had some labours in a private way among Friends on asubject relating to truth's testimony, under which I had frequently beenexercised in heart for some years. I remember, as I walked on the road underthis exercise, that passage in Ezekiel came fresh upon me, "Whithersoever theirfaces were turned, thither they went." And I was graciously helped to dischargemy duty in the fear and dread of the Almighty. Many have had this gift; and from age to age there have been improvements ofthis kind made in the world. But some, not keeping to the pure gift, have inthe creaturely cunning and self-exaltation sought out many inventions. As thefirst motive to these inventions of men, as distinct from that uprightness inwhich man was created, was evil, so the effects have been and are evil. It is,therefore, as necessary for us at this day constantly to attend on the heavenlygift, to be qualified to use rightly the good things in this life amidst greatimprovements, as it was for our first parents when they were without anyimprovements, without any friend or father but God only. Going to bed again, I told not my wife till morning. My heart was turned to theLord for His heavenly instruction; and it was an humbling time to me. When Itold my dear wife, she appeared to be deeply concerned about it; but in a fewhours' time my mind became settled in a belief that it was my duty to proceedon my journey, and she bore it with a good degree of resignation. In thisconflict of spirit there were great searchings of heart and strong cries to theLord, that no motion might in the least degree be attended to but that of thepure spirit of truth. Near our tent, on the sides of large trees peeled for that purpose, werevarious representations of men going to and returning from the wars, and ofsome being killed in battle. This was a path heretofore used by warriors, andas I walked about viewing those Indian histories, which were painted mostly inred or black, and thinking on the innumerable afflictions which the proud,fierce spirit produceth in the world, also on the toils and fatigues ofwarriors in travelling over mountains and deserts; on their miseries anddistresses when far from home and wounded by their enemies; of their bruisesand great weariness in chasing one another over the rocks and mountains; of therestless, unquiet state of mind of those who live in this spirit, and of thehatred which mutually grows up in the minds of their children, -- the desire tocherish the spirit of love and peace among these people arose very fresh in me.